Leaving Weimar


„So I made friends and I found peace. This place has always been like a woolen blanket to me and when I leave I´m gonna take that peace with me.“

(„April´s Walk“, Lyrics by Linda Gossmann/Music by Friling)

A Love Letter

I was always in tears when I thought about leaving this beautiful city of Weimar. When I came here in 2010 I knew it is a good thing to spend a few years in Weimar. There must be a reason why most of the german poets and composers came here. And even though I can´t explain what it is, I know there is a certain magic to this place. I was born and raised in Berlin and desperately needed some time alone. Some time to stay away from all my troubles and to learn who I am. And to learn more about music and art. And it worked. Weimar did everything to rescue me. I fell deeply in love with this city and its people.

So, when the final day arrived, I was standing there with my suitcase and suddenly I knew: There will be no „Goodbye“. Weimar will be my home forever. Weimar is such a small town, it is so easy just to keep it in your heart! And so I took a deep breath and someone started the car. I didn´t need look back because I new exactly what those streets look like.

With this warm thoughts I headed back to Berlin. A new woman. A new life. With old friends.

Weimar: With you in mind I know I can do everything.

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